Toni Petroski is a celebrated professional belly dance performer, instructor, and event producer based in Central Pennsylvania.  She is also the  Director and choreographer of the Award-Winning Troupe Hayati who performs at festivals and events throughout the East Coast.   Her local belly dance classes and events are very popular and she also hosts today's highly acclaimed stars of Belly Dance.  Toni, known for her eclectic style and powerful performances, specializes in Vintage Oriental Belly Dance (American Style) and Egyptian Raqs Sharqi.  She is the featured belly dancer at local establishments as well as several festivals and celebrations.   Toni began her Belly Dance journey in 1983 and in order to keep her technique and style fresh, she continues to train extensively through workshops and intensives with World Class instructors across the United States as well as in Egypt.  

The Beauty of the Dance


Music is why we dance. Always dance to the music, with the music, and only because of the music. Watching a dancer show off tricky complex moves one after another, just to try to wow the audience is like watching someone do aerobics. It becomes nothing more than an exercise drill. The simplest movement can be brilliant when executed beautifully, in perfect harmony with music. ~Zahra Zuhair


A great dancer accomplishes a harmonious blend of strength, elegance, high technical ability, and musicality, all the while appearing a seamless, effortless vision. A great artist acquires all of these skills, yet with that acquisition comes the realization the journey has just begun. ~Zahra Zuhair

Troupe Hayati performing at Rakkasah East in New Jersey, USA - Directed by Toni Petroski