• Workshops and Events

    For Events

    Toni travels extensively and is available as a workshop instructor and performer for Belly Dance Festivals or your special event.  With several choices of topics available there is something for Beginners to Advanced Levels in Belly Dance.  E-mail Toni for a list of topics


    Private Classes

    Private classes for an individual or small groups can be booked as a single class or a discounted block of classes.  Contact Toni for topics, scheduling, and pricing.

    Workshop Offerings

    Dance Movement

    Entrances, travels, and turns!  In dance our goal is to envelope our audience into the magical world that we are creating for them. The power of our movement sets the tone for us to express what our story will be. Entrances, Travels and turns are all part of that dynamic. Understanding our center of gravity, optimizing the space available and how we enter is key to a successful performance. This workshop explores dance movement by create dynamic travel patterns, perfecting clean crisp turns and how to grab the audiences attention from the moment we step on stage. All combined with beautiful belly dance technique and movement. 

    Arabic Pop

     Learn a vibrant and sassy choreography to an upbeat, modern Arabic pop song! We will spin, travel and shimmy our way into the hearts of any audience. Toni is known for her blending of impeccable technique with bold and lively steps. This choreography is chock-full of that and more! 

    Pocketful of Combinations

      Innovative and energetic combinations for your performance whether it is choreographed or improvised. We will brush up on technique as we drill each “combo” to establish it in your muscle memory for future use. Set a new standard in your dance vocabulary with these dynamic belly dance combinations!